Zoro Tools

Open Source at Zoro Tools

Zoro Tools was created with the goal of serving small companies, DIY’ers, and individuals by offering them the products they need at the low prices usually reserved for “the big guys”. To do this we need to keep our overhead low – we sell online only (no stores or sales force) and our infrastructure is in the cloud (no hardware to buy, maintain, and run). 
We also rely heavily on Open Source Software – our web site is powered by Python, Solr, and Apache; our backend operations are driven by Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Axis, and Cherrypy; and our servers run on Ubuntu and CentOS Linux. OSS helps Zoro Tools keep prices low for you and gives us the powerful tools we need to compete against the heavyweights.
Zoro Tools is proud to be a sponsor of Indiana Linux Fest!  Come visit us at http://www.zorotools.com and lets have some fun saving money together!

We're Hiring! We at Zoro are always looking to add talented, dedicated (and  yes, even quirky) Open Source geeks to our team, so if you're interested swing by http://www.zorotools.com/pages/zorotools_info/careers/ to learn what is "normal" at Zoro and meet some of the rest of the team at http://www.zorotools.com/pages/zorotools_info/bios/